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If a child confides in you...
  • If a child approaches you to confide in you, remain calm and listen. Believe the child
  • Talk to the child in a non-leading, non-threatening way
  • Reassure the child that it is not his or her fault
  • Look out for signs or symptoms of abuse
  • Let the child know that telling you about what happened was the right thing to do
  • Reassure the child of your help and support
  • Do not demonstrate feelings of shock
  • Do not react negatively to what the child has to say
  • Do not confront the abuser
Alternatively, report to the nearest police station or contact the Social Welfare Department directly. If you believe that the child needs medical assistance, take the child immediately to the 'Accident and Emergency' (A&E) Unit of the General Hospital or the nearest hospital in your locality.