robs a child
of their dignity.
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Do you know that an average of 9 children in Malaysia suffered abuse everyday in 2011, and these are only the reported cases. Many more experience abuse in silence and behind closed doors.

Abuse inflicts not only physical wounds, but leaves mental scars on children. It violates children's rights to health, compromises their ability to learn and socialise, undermines their dignity, and destroys their lives.

Child abuse has to stop. We need to break the silence and challenge all forms of violence against children.

With your help, we can help make violence against children disappear.
"Every child must be properly cared for, and protected from violence, abuse and neglect."
Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 19
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CRC Article 19 provides that governments take appropriate measures to protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect and violence, by their parents or anyone else who looks after them. In terms of discipline, the CRC upholds that any form of discipline involving violence is unacceptable.